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Track and Field

Our track program is inclusive, exciting and is RUNNING well!!

We have events for all levels from wheelchair to speedster, and run our meets the same way open track meets work in high school and college.

Come join the fun, and run-run-run


Athletes age 8 and over and all ability levels can participate, including athletes who use wheelchairs or other assistive devices 


Location and Time

NOTE:  While Our season runs from March to June, with practices on Saturdays and Sundays, the COVAD-19 response has eliminated all activity till April 1st.  Also, Faifax Parks and Recreation are not allowing facilites use till after April 12th, so all activities for the season are uncertain.  Please contact the Coordinator at the button above with questions.

Practice Sites: Westfield HS, Annandale HS and Flint Hill Upper School

Meets: Dates for this year are April 4 and 25  at Flint Hill Upper School and Episcopal High School.  This is subject to no further suspension by SOVA.  

VIRGINIA STATE GAMES: University of Richmond (Invitation only)