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For our Parents & Athletes

Zoom Support

Zoom is new for us all! We know adapting to Virtual Learning can be tough, but sometimes IT problems can be an added struggle. Here's a quick video that walks you through some basics for Zoom Beginners

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Motivation to MOVE

Again, we know virtual sports are not ideal, but we know it's incredibly critical, now more than ever, that our community stay active. Need some inspiration to get moving? Here are some stats SOVA put together to give you that extra motivation.

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For our Volunteers and Coaches

Fitness Combine Resources

In addition to the resources SOVA supplies on their website, we've also put together some Registration FAQs + 3 Modules with workouts that focus on a grouping of the Fitness Combine Exercises. This can be a jumping point for exercises that you can cycle through with your athletes to prep for the combine!

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Hosting Zoom- What to know

Being a host for Virtual Events is hard- here are some friendly tips and tricks to help you out while using Zoom for Virtual Practices. If you still struggle, please do not hesitate to reach out to Abby ([email protected]) or Veronica ([email protected])

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Need to look at what others have done to put your virtual classes together? Here's a Google Doc that I will intermittently update with some example classes and any Best Practices we gather going through this together. If you have anything to add for other coaches, please email Abby at [email protected]

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General Coaching Tips

SOVA put together some general tips for how to maintain an active practice and be an effective coach. Some may not be totally transferable for virtual practices, but hopefully it can be a good resource for you to read through and gain some confidence. We're all learning together here!

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