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The Fall Golf season is underway. We practice and play from August to the November State Games. We also have a Spring practice season in May each year.

Coordinator Robin Utz

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Golf Program

Weekly golf training is provided by certified Golf Professionals, courtesy of the Everybody Golf School, throughout the season. In addition, we schedule 4-5 golf rounds at Fairfax County Golf Parks so that athletes can learn course management and practice for competitive play at Virginia State Games and beyond.

WHO: All skill levels from first time golfers to very experienced golfers

WHERE/WHEN: We practice at two locations: Oak Marr Recreation Center from 2:00 to 3:00 and at the Burke Lake Practice Facility from 3:00 to 4:00, both on Saturday. Practice is held in both Spring and Fall Sessions. The Spring session usually runs from late April through late May (or early June). The fall session generally begins in late August and runs through the end of October but only on non-holiday weekends.  

SOVA Golf Fact Sheet

Equipment and Competition

EQUIPMENT: Athletes are welcome to bring their own clubs; however, clubs will be provided if needed.

WEAR: For practice, athletes should wear loose fitting tops and bottoms.

Level 1 – Individual Skills Competition
Level 2 – Alt. Shot Team Play Competition [9 hole]
Level 3 – Unified Sports Team Play [18 hole]
Level 4 – Individual Stroke Play Competition [9 hole] Level 5 – Individual Stroke Play Competition [18 hole]

There will be at least 3 tournaments before State Games

TO REGISTER: Practice starts in August and we play through October, culminating in the State Games in November.  Athletes can sign up at any time. 

SOVA Golf Rules