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Bocce is an Italian game of skill and strategy. The basic principle of the sport is to roll a bocce ball closest to the target ball, which is called a pallina (the smallest ball). The sport allows athletes the opportunity to have social contact, develop physically and to gain self-confidence. Our bocce program has events for singles and doubles competition.

While less well known in the US, Bocce is a very fun game of skill, and is played all over Europe. Here locally, we play a Fall season, practicing in Burke Lake from August through the Fall State Games.

Coordinators:  Peter Flynn and Marques Lowery

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Message from Peter Flynn and Marques Lowery...

Looking forward to a new season at the pit, improving, and being BRAVE in the attempt.

All Athletes must provide a copy of their medicals to [email protected]  and be on the athlete eligibility list to be eligible to play.

Team vs Parent/Guardians/Coaches Opportunities for local competitions

Practice Information

Mondays at 5:30pm to 7pm in the Fall for Doubles
Singles play in Springtime


Parking: Access road on the right side of the road before exiting park The Bocce area is wheelchair accessible (practice will take place on grass)

The Bocce Crew

Bocce - that is how we ROLL

Bocce Practice Site:
Burke Lake Park

7315 Ox Road
Fairfax Station, VA